Now is a fascinating time to be in Helsinki as the city is one of the fastest growing in Europe with an insatiable demand for new infrastructure. Hundreds of hectares formerly dedicated to industry have been vacated to be gradually built up as new districts – extensions of the existing, high-density urban fabric – all according to plans that look fifty years into the future. Work began on the districts currently under construction in the first decade of this century and is scheduled to be completed in the 2030s. All in all about 100 000 housing units will be built, mixed with retail/office space that will employ 70 000 people. Thousands already live and work in these areas and units are occupied as they are completed, resulting in a chaotic landscape of construction and people going about their daily lives. Looking in from the outside (as I do not live in a new district myself) I feel as though I am observing not only a new city take shape, but also a new generation growing up with their city. There is an incredible atmosphere of birth, youth and optimism in these places. A feeling of newness.